They Said It: Ray Lewis Edition

PressBox looks back at some of Ray Lewis’ greatest quotes.

“A blind cat will find a meal every once in a while.”
— In 2010, after Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis steamrolled the Ravens for 144 yards and a touchdown

“Joe, you played your ass off. You hear me, man? I’m telling you, man, don’t ever — don’t ever — drop your head when it comes to a loss, dog, because there’s too much pain outside of this that people are really going through. This right here makes us stronger. Let’s understand who we are as a team, let’s understand who we are as men, and let’s make somebody smile when we walk out of here. We got the opportunity to keep going, men. Let’s be stronger as a team, men. Let’s be who we are.”
— After the Ravens lost to the New England Patriots in the 2011 AFC Championship Game

“You see that ball drop in Jacoby hands — that’s the first time in an eighty-plus-thousand stadium you can hear a rat piss on cotton.”
— During the NFL Films’ “America’s Game: 2012 Baltimore Ravens” in reference to the “Mile High Miracle” during the 2012 AFC Divisional Playoff game

“We’re built a certain way, and we got each other’s backs. Last year when we walked up out of here [after losing the AFC title game], I told them, I said, ‘We’ll be back. Don’t hold your heads down because we got something to finish. … No weapon formed against this team shall prosper.'”
— After the Ravens’ AFC Championship game win against New England in January 2013

“I told my team that this would be my last ride. And I told them I was just at so much peace in where I am with my decision, because of everything I’ve done in this league. I’ve done it. I’ve done it, man. There’s no accolade that I don’t have individually.”
— At a news conference Jan. 2, 2013, announcing he would retire at the end of the season

“I tell people all the time, there’s no better games to play in, for your legacy, for the reason you play the game.”
— On the Ravens-Steelers rivalry

“This organization is No. 1 in the entire world. … Baltimore, what we did together, not once, but twice. This city, this city is what love is all about. For 17 years, I gave everything I had. I left it all on the field.”
— At his Ring of Honor ceremony

Photo Credit: Sabina Moran/PressBox

Issue 245: June/July 2018


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