PressBox caught up with Ravens defensive lineman Brandon Williams to ask him about his favorite sports team and player growing up, his cooking abilities and whether he has any pets. 

PressBox: What’s your favorite “guilty” food?

Brandon Williams: Pizza

PB:What is a bucket-list place you’ve never visited?

BW: Tokyo

PB:Who was your favorite sports star when you were a kid?

BW: [Hall of Fame running back] Jerome Bettis. Fat kid who wanted to run the ball.

PB:What was your favorite sports team growing up?

BW: I’m from St. Louis. Hometown team was the Rams, but growing up, I didn’t really like teams, I liked players. First player I ever liked was [Hall of Fame defensive tackle] Warren Sapp, so I liked the Buccaneers.

PB:What would your dream job be if you were not an NFL player

BW: Firefighter

PB:On a scale of 1-to-10, with 1 being terrible and 10 being great, how good of a cook are you? What’s your favorite dish?

BW: Eight. Favorite dish to make? … Go-to for dinner would be barbecue, I guess — the grill.

PB: What’s your favorite thing to do on an off day?

BW: Nothing. Chill. Hang out and chill with my family.

PB:Favorite movie of all time?

BW: “Lion King”

PB:Do you have any pets? What types? What are their names?

BW: I have two dogs, Diesel and Titus. They are brothers, English bulldogs.

PB:What is your favorite thing about Baltimore?

BW: The food, the people, crabs, crab cakes.

Photo Credit: Kenya Allen/PressBox

Issue 246: August 2018


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