Orioles starting pitcher David Hess spoke with PressBox about his favorite “guilty” food, his favorite sports star growing up, his favorite movie ever and more.

What’s your favorite “guilty” food?

David Hess: Pizza and Oreos

PB:What’s your favorite pregame meal or snack?

DH: Some type of protein; either chicken [or] beef with rice and vegetables.

PB: Who was your favorite sports star when you were a kid?

DH: Chipper Jones, hands down. 

PB:What was your favorite sport growing up?

DH: I loved baseball growing up. If I had to pick another, I’d say football.

PB:What was your favorite sports team growing up?

DH: Atlanta Braves

PB:What would you be if you weren’t a baseball player?

DH: I’d probably be doing something with science. I was a biochemistry major in college. 

PB:What’s your favorite thing to do on a day off?

DH: Pretty low key, play some video games and hang out with my wife. Maybe go see a movie.

PB:What’s your favorite movie of all time?

DH: “Gladiator”

PB: Is there an exercise you hate doing?

DH: I love to run, but I hate to run.

PB:What types of pets do you have?

DH: When I got married, my wife had a cat. So I have a cat now, Buddy.

Photo Credit: Kenya Allen/PressBox

Issue 254: May 2019 

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