As Ed Reed prepares to take his place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, teammates, friends and coaches from his Ravens, college and high school years reflect on the legacy of the legendary Ravens safety with their favorite memories and never-before-heard stories. 

Arthur Jones
As told to Glenn Clark

Arthur Jones was a defensive lineman for the Ravens from 2010-2013.

Ed Reed was a great inspiration to me and literally was my big brother and mentor. Ed’s the greatest safety in the world and took the time with me as a fifth-round draft pick, a guy who may make the roster or may not, and really took me under his swing, taught me how to study film and not just learn one position but learn every position on the defense, so you won’t make an error if you know what every man on the 11-man defense does. 
He came up to me and introduced himself, told me “Ed Reed” and I was literally starstruck. Just was so down-to-earth and humble and cool. Just so grateful to share a locker room and the field with that guy. I learned so many great lessons. The main thing: hit everything full speed, play like a Raven.

In the Super Bowl, that goal-line stand with him and Ray Lewis and me playing right in the middle, right in the nose and just stuffing them. I’m getting chills just talking about it. It’s almost been what, eight, nine, 10 years? But memories I’ll never forget — and them saying, “One more play. Do it again. Let’s do it again” — and how hungry everyone was on that defense to gang tackle and make that play to hoist that trophy up in the air.

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