As Ed Reed prepares to take his place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, teammates, friends and coaches from his Ravens, college and high school years reflect on the legacy of the legendary Ravens safety with their favorite memories and never-before-heard stories. 

Marvin Lewis As told to Glenn Clark Radio
Marvin Lewis was the Washington Redskins’ defensive coordinator in 2002 and the Cincinnati Bengals’ head coach from 2003-2018.

Well, the first frustration is I’m in Washington and we keep backing up in the first round and we back up right behind Ed Reed. Ozzie [Newsome] taught me that when it’s your turn to pick, you’ve got to step up and pick a good player, and we backed up right behind him and didn’t pick Ed Reed. That’s the first frustration. At Miami, between playing that combination safety-corner type player, you can’t get enough of those guys on the field — as well as a smart player. And we literally backed up right behind him and didn’t pick him.

So I think right away as a young player, I remember coming back to Baltimore and participating in a charity golf outing and meeting Ed then again. Probably met him at the combine and meet him again then. Just being around him that day and how he carried himself, I thought he was very mature for a young guy that came out in the draft. 

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