As Ed Reed prepares to take his place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, teammates, friends and coaches from his Ravens, college and high school years reflect on the legacy of the legendary Ravens safety with their favorite memories and never-before-heard stories. 

Ovie Mughelli 
As told to Glenn Clark Radio 

Ovie Mughelli was a fullback for the Ravens from 2003-2006.

Sitting around at lunch — it was my rookie year and I was new to the team, and everybody was really, really rough on the rookies, as it should be. But Ed Reed is such a kind soul. … I was sitting down by myself, trying to collect my thoughts and get my mind right. He said, “Hey, rook! Don’t think too hard. I know you’re sitting with your friends right now figuring out what you’re going to do. It’s not hard! Just play football. I see you out there, man. Yeah, I know you’re going against Ray Lewis and Peter Boulware and Adalius Thomas and Bart Scott and Ed Hartwell and all these guys, but you’re here for a reason, bro. You’re here for a reason. Go out there and do what you do!”

And it was so simple, so nonchalant, him speaking from the heart. But to me, that was like, gosh, the Pope or something speaking to me about how to get my mind right. He probably doesn’t even know how much that helped me in my first training camp going against the No. 1 defense in the league as a fullback. But it really reminded me that I was there for a reason and I did have the talent to go toe-to-toe with some of these greats.

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