2019 Baltimore Ravens Predictions: Local Media Personalities Weigh In

How many games will the Baltimore Ravens win in 2019? Will they make the postseason? And who will be the team’s breakout star?

PressBox asked our football writers and a few local media personalities to weigh in and share their thoughts. Here are their picks for the Ravens and the Super Bowl.

Stan “The Fan” Charles, PressBox (@StanTheFan)

When it comes to predicting how many games the 2019 Ravens will win, I can’t stop thinking of the amazing success (6-1 record) the team had in the regular season with Lamar Jackson under center. And despite the notion that teams will have seen Jackson in person or on tape and therefore know how to stop him, I ain’t buying it. It’s about execution and imposing your will.

I have the Ravens with a 3-5 record on the road, but I see M&T Stadium being a difficult place to play this year, with the Ravens losing only one game at home against the Houston Texans. The Ravens will go 10-6 and make it back to the playoffs. The breakout stars will be linebacker Kenny Young on defense and tight end Mark Andrews on offense.

Super Bowl pick: I think the Los Angeles Chargers will defeat the Ravens to get into the Super Bowl and that the Minnesota Vikings will be there to stick a dagger in Philip Rivers’ last, best chance to win a Super Bowl.

Glenn Clark, GlennClarkRadio.com (@GlennClarkRadio) 

It may seem like a cop-out, but I envision the Ravens to be about a nine-win team this season. It is a shame that we can’t just assume two wins against the Cleveland Browns any longer because that certainly plays a role in my thought process. I think the Ravens will benefit from the retirement of Andrew Luck and steal a wild-card spot that may have otherwise gone to the Indianapolis Colts, but I don’t envision them making a playoff run. I’ll predict that “Peanut” Onwuasor will be their breakout star, becoming the next “unknown” Ravens middle linebacker to put himself in line for a big payday. 

Super Bowl pick: The New Orleans Saints win the Super Bowl considering they probably should have won a year ago. 

Jerry Coleman, 105.7 The Fan (@sportswcoleman

The Ravens will go 8-8. The offense will be limited with unproven skill guys, defense (secondary) will be the strength and the schedule will be a killer. The Ravens will have a shot to go 9-7, I think they lose the finale against Pittsburgh (Hope I am WRONG). The Ravens’ breakout star will be tight end Hayden Hurst after his injury-riddled rookie season.

Super Bowl pick: The Kansas City Chiefs will win their first Super Bowl this century, beating the Green Bay Packers.

Brent Harris, 105.7 The Fan (@BrentHarrisTV)

The Ravens are a young, fast team that has more offensive weapons than the 10-win team a year ago. We’ll see a well-coached, aggressive and exciting team that should be back in the postseason. The Ravens will get 10 wins, make the postseason and make a divisional game. The Ravens’ breakout star will be wide receiver Miles Boykin. 

Super Bowl pick: Kansas City Chiefs

Luke Jackson, PressBox (@luke_jackson10)

Determining strength of schedule is always a little tricky before the games start, but it does look like the Ravens have a tough slate of games this year — two games against the improved Browns; trips to Kansas City, Seattle and Los Angeles (Rams), and a prime-time game against the Patriots. That said, the Ravens did finish the regular season 6-1 last year and were a defensive stop away from beating the Chiefs in Kansas City. The unknowns: How does the defense handle losing five starters? Can it produce enough of a pass rush? Does the interior of the offensive line hold up? And of course, how does Lamar Jackson perform in Year Two? I’ll say the Ravens go 9-7 and earn a wild-card berth. The team’s breakout star will be Orlando Brown Jr., who takes another step forward and becomes known as one of the upper-echelon tackles in the league. 

Super Bowl pick: The Chiefs win the Super Bowl, and Andy Reid finally gets his ring.

Rob Long, 105.7 The Fan (@RobLongSports

The Baltimore Ravens will have a very successful season coming off of the 2018 AFC North championship.

I’m looking at another 10-6 season from the Ravens. Getting to the postseason all depends on what 10 wins gets you. If things go as I suspect with the Pittsburgh Steelers and with Andrew Luck retiring, I expect 10 wins to equal postseason. Look for contributions from the usual suspects, but with tight end Hayden Hurst playing up to his first-round draft position.

Super Bowl pick: Andy Reid FINALLY gets that elusive Lombardi Trophy as the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl.

Gary Stein, PressBox

A new era of Ravens football begins under GM Eric DeCosta with a greater emphasis placed on offensive playmakers. Youth and speed at receiver will make this offense more exciting to watch, but the defense takes a step back with not enough on the edge to create turnovers. The Ravens go 9-7 and miss the playoffs for the fifth time in seven seasons. Rookie running back Justice Hill provides a huge return for the Ravens.

Super Bowl pick: The Super Bowl will be one of the greatest ever as the Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints tangle in Miami. Patrick Mahomes beats Drew Brees, 42-38. 

Shawn Stepner, WMAR-ABC2 News (@StepnerWMAR)

I think the Ravens will again go 10-6. I believe they will win the AFC North for a second consecutive year, edging the 10-6 Browns via a tiebreak scenario. The Ravens will make the playoffs and advance to the AFC championship. I think the Ravens’ breakout star will be running back Mark Ingram … well … as much as he can break out. The veteran will benefit from Greg Roman’s new offensive scheme and relish being the No. 1 running back in his new home.

Super Bowl pick: I think the Kansas City Chiefs will win the Super Bowl by defeating the Los Angeles Rams in convincing fashion.

Andrew Stetka, MASNsports.com (@AStetka)

The Ravens’ attempt to “revolutionize offense” this season will be interesting and exciting, but it’s not going to put them out front of the AFC North in my eyes. They’ll be in the mix for a wild-card spot by winning eight or nine games but still looking up at a Pittsburgh squad that can be rejuvenated with the departures of Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. Running back Justice Hill is the player I have my eyes on with the Ravens to emerge as an explosive weapon in an ever-evolving offense.

Super Bowl pick: The New England Patriots defeat the Dallas Cowboys.

Glenn Younes, Ed Reed Foundation (@gunitradio)

How many games the Ravens win might not be as important as how exciting the team is. Sure, W’s and L’s are the bottom line, but the excitement this team will give the fan base in 2019 should unify our community.

If the Ravens win seven games I’ll consider that decent, but I don’t think the postseason is in the cards this year. I think quarterback Lamar Jackson is a star, whether he’s at the best he’ll ever be in 2019 or not. He’s got juice, wants to get better and is trying. I love it.  

Super Bowl pick: The Super Bowl is in Miami, so no matter who plays it will be a blast. I think it will come down to the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots.

Ken Zalis, PressBox (@FansFantasy) 

My standard answer is they will go 10-6 like they do every year seemingly, so I will stick with it — although they will have to win a game I do not think they will be favored in to get there and not drop a silly game like they usually do. If they go 10-6, the Ravens will make the playoffs and may even host a home game as the AFC North winner. With that said, they should go to the AFC championship game. In order for them to do all of the above, linebacker Tyus Bowser or Tim Williams must be the breakout star. 

Super Bowl pick: The Rams will win the Super Bowl.

Photo Credit: Kenya Allen/PressBox


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