Every season there are players who let us down based off their average draft position. I’m going to avoid players who were injured for much of the season, as that is an easy excuse for why the struggled. Those players can also be replaced when put on the injured list. However, the players that we held on for too long because we invested too much into them on draft day are those who will crack this list.

Players Who Disappointed:

Toronto Blue Jays Third Baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr. — The sky is the limit for the 20-year-old and it wasn’t even a bad rookie campaign for the youngster. However, the hype was too much and there was no way for Guerrero to live up to his draft day value in 2019. Fantasy owners were drafting the third baseman inside the top 60 overall in March, yet the rookie won’t even be a top-150 hitter according to ESPN’s player rater. That is a dead spot on the roster that we can’t afford to have. There’s a lot to like about Guerrero and he will be a fantasy star, but this is the latest example that we can’t fall into the hype all the time. New York Mets rookie Pete Alonso had the season many thought Guerrero would and he was drafted 10 rounds later.

San Diego Padres Infielder Manny Machado — I don’t know if it’s because he was on the West Coast or if the Padres weren’t a good team, but Machado’s name hasn’t been mentioned much this season. Machado was drafted as a top-20 hitter, but will finish outside the top 85 according to ESPN’s player rater. Machado signed the megadeal prior to the 2019 season, but he’s hitting .250 with 30 home runs, 82 RBIs, 79 runs scored and five stolen bases. This was a fine season, but the contract raises expectations and his draft day stock makes this a disappointment.

Houston Astros Shortstop Carlos Correa — I know I said injuries won’t play a part in those players who disappointed fantasy owners in 2019. However, I need to bring up Correa while the season is still fresh in our minds. Correa was drafted as a top-35 hitter but only played 75 games in 2019. This is significant because Correa has failed to play more than 110 games in three consecutive seasons. We can’t invest so much in Correa in 2020, but I’m afraid he will still have an average draft position that reflects what we hope he can do and not what he has shown for three straight years. Correa is a huge injury risk and fantasy owners should not fall into the trap next season.

Philadelphia Phillies First Baseman Rhys Hoskins — The first baseman has cracked the “Three Down” list throughout the season, so it’s not a surprise for him to be one of the more disappointing hitters in 2019. Hoskins was being drafted as a top-40 hitter in March and will finish as the 126th hitter according to ESPN’s player rater. The batting average is .229 after finishing at .246 in 2018, and after hitting 34 home runs last season, Hoskins has 29 this year. I understand there were some drop-offs, but I think the fantasy community is overhyping Hoskins and he shouldn’t be drafted as high as he is.

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