A Big Weekend For Bradley, Nikki Bozeman In Seattle … And Baltimore

Oct. 19-20 was a big weekend for the Bozeman family, as both Bradley and Nikki reached new feats of success athletically.

While Bradley was preparing to take down the Seahawks, his wife, Nikki, conquered the Baltimore Marathon Oct. 19, something unlike anything she has ever done.

“Definitely my first time, not a marathon runner. I’d like to be, though. I actually thought it was pretty fun,” Nikki said on Glenn Clark Radio Oct. 21. “The course was really cool the way they set it up and the way it went through the city and stuff. The scenic part of it was really cool.”

As Nikki was starting the race, she was introduced to someone you wouldn’t think would be able to compete in a marathon.

“I was running next to this guy, and he said he was 86 years old … and I’m like, ‘Thanks dude, this is my first and I’m 25, so thank you for that,” Nikki said.

Even from Seattle, Bradley was very supportive of his wife and had the utmost confidence she could handle this race without any major problems.

“Usually people take like four months to run and she’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m gonna do it in a month.’ I was like, ‘You go girl!'” Bradley said. “… I was pumped she finished it and crushed it like she did.”

On the opposite side of the country, Bradley and the Ravens put together a road win in a hostile environment against a very good Seahawks team Oct. 20. The Ravens took down the Seahawks, 30-16, Oct. 20 behind quarterback Lamar Jackson, who completed 9 of 20 passes for 143 yards and rushed 14 times for 116 yards and a touchdown.

Newly acquired cornerback Marcus Peters also made his mark in his Ravens debut, jumping one of Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s passes and returned it 67 yards for a touchdown. Bozeman knew this was a crucial momentum shift in the game.

“We got a little boost out of Marcus picking that ball off and taking it to the house,” Bozeman said. “I mean, he jumped that route perfectly and there was no chance that anyone was going to catch him. That was a huge deal.”

Bozeman also praised the team for an all-around performance on both sides of the ball and knew that the run game was truly the difference maker, especially on the fourth-and-2 play deep in Seattle territory in which Jackson put the team on his back at a critical junction in the game.

“That has kind of been our whole M.O. this season. We are going to take our chances when we think we have good odds to make them,” Bradley said.

As Jackson continues to impress on the field, Bozeman is appreciative to just how good of an athlete he really is.

“Lamar would scramble for 40 yards, look like he’s gonna step out of bounds, then cut back up the middle for another 20,” Bozeman said. “… So Lamar is just a spectacular athlete, he is making people look like high schoolers and these are the best of the best who he’s playing against. I don’t really think people understand what kind of athlete he really is.”

Not only was this a huge team win, it was also a good sign that everything the Ravens have been working on this year finally clicked on all cylinders.

“I’ve told you every week that we’ve been so close on so many different things and it finally just came together this game for us,” Bozeman said. “That environment, to go in there and steal a win, steal a road win against a really good team is great going into this bye week. It lets us get healed up and fresh and get ready to roll against New England. That was a huge win for us and it will be a statement mark for us for the rest of the season.”

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Nikki Bozeman (@nikkihbozeman) on Instagram