Bradley, Nikki Bozeman On Halloween Party, Patriots Win

It was a good week for Baltimore football, as the Ravens defeated the New England Patriots, 37-20, on “Sunday Night Football” in front of a sold-out crowd at M&T Bank Stadium Nov. 3.

For one Ravens player in particular, left guard Bradley Bozeman, the win was just the cherry on top.

He and his wife, Nikki, hosted their inaugural Halloween party Oct. 29 benefiting the Bradley and Nikki Bozeman Foundation, which helps to prevent bullying in the lives of at-risk children and families. It was a big success, with 30 or so Ravens players, including quarterback Lamar Jackson, attending.

“The Halloween party was such a success and we had such a good time. So many people came out,” Bradley said on Glenn Clark Radio Nov. 4. “It’s been great and then to cap it off with a win over the Patriots, it’s been a really good week.”

The party was a long time in the making, and a lot of work was put into the event. Bradley and Nikki were very appreciative of the community response and the turnout.

“It was awesome to see the community and everything that rallied and came to the event. There were so many people that went into this event that made it so successful,” Nikki said. “We’re just so appreciative to have a great support staff. … It was the first event. I think it was amazing for the first event.”

That was the appetizer to New England game, one the biggest games of the NFL season so far, as the undefeated Patriots faced their first big test of the season.

With Jackson at center, the Ravens’ offense flourished, nearly tripling New England’s total rushing yards with 210 in the game. That’s due in large part to the offensive line, which created gaps for runners to exploit. The Ravens averaged 5.1 yards per carry Nov. 3.

“To come out there and run the ball like we did, for offensive linemen, that’s a dream,” Bradley said. “To be able to pound the ball down the field, taking off eight minutes at a time, nine minutes at a time and to be able to close out the game the way that we did was a testament to the hard work that we’ve been putting in.”

This is Baltimore’s second straight marquee win after defeating the Seattle Seahawks on the road Oct. 20, but the season’s far from over. There’s still work to be done.

“We just have to keep our nose to the ground and keep working. It’s not about what you did in the last game, it’s what you do in the next,” Bradley said. “For us, we take pride in being really physical and executing well, so we plan on continually doing that for the rest of the season, just coming out to practice and don’t get satisfied.”

That being said, the atmosphere was special. For Bradley, a former Alabama lineman, he’s used to crowds of better than 100,000 fans after playing in the SEC for a few years, but this was among the best.

“Definitely top three. We played in a lot of big games, but that was a really cool win,” Bradley said. “The atmosphere was electric.”

The Ravens’ season presses forward and so do the Bozemans. With the success of the Halloween party behind them, the couple has a new journey ahead of them, this time, across the country.

“Our next step is we have a cross-country tour coming up at the end of the season, starting hopefully Feb. 4,” Nikki said. “We’ve had a lot of schools say, ‘Hey, we want you to come and talk to our school,’ but they’re in Arizona or California.”

The couple currently lives in a 40-foot fifth-wheel RV that they will be taking with them on this journey, hopefully with some help along the way.

“We’re hoping to partner with NASCAR in Dover and get a fifth-wheel and a truck and we’re going to talk to schools all across the country,” Nikki said. “… This is like the fun part of it. When we go and talk to schools, that’s more fun because you get to interact.”

You can follow their journey on and on the foundation’s Facebook page and Twitter handle, @BradNikkiBoze.

For more from the Bozemans, listen to the full interview here:

Photo Credit: Kenya Allen/PressBox