PressBox experts and friends weigh in with their predictions for the NFL divisional round game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Tennessee Titans: 

Eric Arditti, Barstool Sports (@editti22)

Another week, another opportunity for the underdog Titans to pull a massive upset and shake up the AFC playoff picture. Derrick Henry has run like a man possessed for the last few months, but unfortunately I think the Titans’ hot streak ends at the hands of their old rival, the Ravens. Baltimore pulls this one out after a tight first half.

Ravens 27, Titans 17

Marty Bass, WJZ (@MartyBassWJZ)

It is the Ravens’ game to lose. The Titans must beat us, not vice versa. The key is the running backs — If Mark Ingram does not play, that means Gus Edwards taking up the slack. And our “D” stopping Henry.

Keep your eye on the weather … warm and wet, maybe even fog.

Josh Charles, Actor (@MrJoshCharles)

I like this Titan squad and would be pulling for them most other times, but not this week. I think the Ravens take it, 28-16.

Ravens 28, Titans 16

Stan “The Fan” Charles, PressBox (@StanTheFan)

This is, as per usual, a Lamar Jackson game. He returns to the playoffs and will feed off of the negativity left over from his one and done playoffs a year ago. This opponent hasn’t seen him before and besides, the Ravens now have Plans B, C, D, E and F. The Titans are a solid team and on the way to being a dangerous team. But don’t give them too much credit for manhandling a very flawed and devoid of playmakers Patriots team. It’ll be a tight first quarter, and then a mistake or two will go the Ravens way. The Ravens go into cruise control in the second half and win.

Ravens 31, Titans 16

Glenn Clark, (@GlennClarkRadio)

As dominant as Derrick Henry has been down the stretch this season, a rested Ravens offense should be the best medicine for neutralizing what the Titans do best. The Ravens should jump out to an early lead and while the Titans could score themselves, I think the Ravens end up winning.

Ravens 31, Titans 17

Jerry Coleman, 105.7 The Fan (@sportswcoleman)

The Titans have never seen Lamar Jackson as a starting QB. Ask other teams how that has worked out. The Ravens will make Tennessee one-dimensional and prevail.

Ravens 28, Titans 14

Jamie Costello, WMAR (@JamiefromWMAR)

The rivalry is back. Remember Coach Billick’s famous “Fudge the Titans” in the locker room speech? Derrick Henry is Eddie George II. Nobody can solve Lamar. No tipped balls. No lapses on specials and Ravens win, 31-16. Ravens bring a big stick on Saturday night.

Ravens 31, Titans 16

Steve Geppi, Baltimore Magazine Publisher (@Baltimoremag)

Coming off a two-week rest, Lamar and Co. will exploit a tired Titans defense, while our defense will rise to the occasion to contain the Derrick Henry rushing attempts.

Ravens 31, Titans 10

Pete Gilbert, WBAL (@WBALPete)

It’s hard to see the Titans scoring enough points to stay with a fresh Ravens offense. And as so many who have played Lamar Jackson for the first time, they won’t know just how fast and elusive he is until they see him live.

Ravens 31, Titans 14

Ed Hale, Baltimore Blast Owner (@BaltimoreBlast)

If I’m any team coming in to play the Ravens, I’m nervous. With Jackson and the offense, a stout defense and great special teams, they are without a weakness. Ownership and coaches are the best in the league. 

Ravens 23, Titans 17

Brent Harris, 105.7 The Fan (@BrentHarrisTV)

A rested Ravens team will go run-heavy and win the battle along the line of scrimmage. On their home turf the Ravens will roll the Titans. The key will be stopping the Titans’ run game, and the Ravens will be up to the task.

Ravens 33, Titans 13

Jim Henneman, PressBox

This game could be a classic “be careful what you wish for” matchup for the Ravens, especially if Mark Ingram II is limited. Ball control is the key and it could be a kicking contest, so give me Lamar, Justin and the Ravens by a 23-16 count.

Ravens 23, Titans 16

Reeta Hubbard, @TheNFLChick

Finally! The Ravens take the field this weekend against the Tennessee Titans. I don’t take this matchup lightly. Derrick Henry, the NFL’s regular season leading rusher, had a great game against the Patriots (182 rushing yards and a TD). While this is certainly a tall task, it is not one the Ravens can’t handle. While beating the Patriots is a great and welcomed accomplishment, the Titans will almost certainly need more than 14 points to beat the Ravens. Expect them to be fresh on offense (Ingram is scheduled to be back) with the defense looking to make the Titans one dimensional (Tannehill threw for 72 yards in wild-card weekend). It won’t be an easy feat but the Ravens will prevail.

Ravens 27, Titans 17  

Luke Jackson, PressBox

The keys to the game for Baltimore will be slowing down Derrick Henry in its base formation and exposing Tennessee’s cornerbacks, neither of which New England was able to do. Look for Marquise Brown to have a big game. 

Ravens 31, Titans 17

Jason La Canfora, CBS Sports NFL Insider (@JasonLaCanfora

Too much Lamar Jackson for a limited Titans defense. But Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill will land a few punches of their own.

Ravens 31, Titans 24

Charles Levine, Owner Citron Restaurant & Bar and Charles Levine Caterers & Events (@CitronBaltimore)

The key will be a strong start, turnover recovery and a solid defense putting Tennessee in a position to catch up the entire game.

Ravens 31, Titans 13

Ron Matz, Former WJZ Reporter (@RonMatzNews)

Derrick Henry and the weather will make this a tight one, but in the end the Ravens have a huge advantage over the Titans in the kicking game. Justin Tucker puts the Ravens into the AFC Championship game.

Ravens 23, Titans 20

Bill Ordine, PressBox

The Titans’ offensive strength is obviously running back Derrick Henry. Except for two home games — the anomalous loss to Cleveland early and in the close win against NFC No. 1 seed San Francisco — the Ravens have handled opposing run games at M&T Stadium. 

Ravens 27, Titans 17

Bo Smolka, PressBox (@bsmolka)

The Titans have won eight of their past 11 games and their surging momentum continued with an upset win at New England Jan. 4. The key for the Ravens will be defending the perimeter run and solid tackling. Outside linebackers such as Matthew Judon and Jaylon Ferguson must set the edge, which has occasionally been a problem. That could spell big trouble in this game. The Ravens need to keep NFL rushing leader Derrick Henry contained in the middle of the field, where the Ravens run defense is at its best. If the Ravens run their offense and take care of the ball, they should succeed. The Titans have yet to see the Ravens this year, and other coaches have spoken of how tough it is to simulate Lamar Jackson and this offense in practice. 

Ravens 30, Titans 24

Gary Stein, PressBox Contributor

A.J. Brown is the key player in this game. If the Titans rookie WR gets free, the field opens up for Derrick Henry. Fortunately, the Ravens counter with bookend All-Pro CBs. In a game that will be closer than people think … 

Ravens 27, Titans 17

Shawn Stepner, WMAR (@StepnerWMAR)

I think the Ravens will beat the Titans, but it won’t be easy. Derrick Henry will help the Titans eat clock to shorten the game. However, Lamar Jackson and company will not be denied. 

Ravens 26, Titans 17

Andrew Stetka, Eutaw Street Report (@AStetka)

The major factor in whether or not the Ravens can continue to roll through the playoffs is whether or not they can do what they’ve been doing all season — jumping on teams early and forcing them to keep up. I think Baltimore can do that against the Titans, pushing Tennessee to use Ryan Tannehill more than Derrick Henry and leading the Ravens to their first home AFC championship game.

Ravens 27, Titans 17

Bill West, President Ravens Roost 15 

The key to the game is to run the ball very aggressive, no turnovers and strike the passes to the WR and TE when you can. Don’t get cute. Stay with what you know. Go Ravens! 

Ravens 27, Titans 17

Ken Zalis, PressBox (@FansFantasy)

The key to the game, as usual, will be turnovers. If the Ravens can continue to be turnover free, they should be able to control the clock and limit the Titans’ possessions, putting more urgency then usual on Tennessee. Obviously stopping the run and Derrick Henry is the key to everything the Titans want to do. 

Ravens 24, Titans 16

Photo Credit: Kenya Allen/PressBox


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