At this point, I’m sure most Ravens fans have unloaded their deep disappointment about the team’s 28-12 playoff loss on Jan. 11 to their one-time rival, the Tennessee Titans. That’s what sports fans do when a season ends — they put aside that season and begin to assess how the next one can be better.

For me, this season is going to be much tougher to simply put aside or pack away.

The reasons abound. For this game, I don’t want to point fingers at any one particular player or coach. The cliché that you win and lose as a team abides here. The totality of this defeat seems to cut that game down in size. It’s too collective a failure.

But let’s get this out of the way — coach John Harbaugh didn’t have one of his finer games. But I have to admit my personal animus against Harbaugh these past two seasons and my calls for his firing were simply wrong and born of a certain stubbornness about what I’d like our coach to be. Harbaugh may not be perfect, but Steve Bisciotti’s steady hand has delivered a coach who can continue to win a lot more games than he loses.

Let’s admit while Lamar Jackson, the Ravens’ brilliant young quarterback, is 19-3 in the regular season, his 0-2 mark in playoffs will be the driving force for him to hopefully take his game to the next level. However high that level can be.

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