It’s been a whirlwind of a week for Orioles general manager Mike Elias as well as the coaches and players.

First, Trey Mancini underwent successful surgery to remove a malignant tumor from his colon.

Then, the club had to adjust to Major League Baseball’s decision to shut down spring training and delay Opening Day for at least two weeks because of the coronavirus.

For now, the Orioles will continue to train in Sarasota, Fla., until further guidance is provided by MLB. All of the activities will remain internal, and there are currently no plans to scrimmage against another nearby club such as the Pirates.

“It’s been quite a week with Trey Mancini’s surgery and this happening concurrently,” Elias said in a conference call with reporters March 13.

“We’ve certainly been handling medical topics and logistical topics all week, it seems like. It’s a very strange circumstance. But I feel really good with just the support system we’ve been provided at the league level, but also our medical staff is first-rate.

“We have a really good setup here in Florida on a number of fronts with the facilities, the support staff and the people that run the facilities. It’s gone about as smooth as it could have gone at this point in terms of what we need to do. We’re just going to stay on high alert.”

No one in the organization has been tested for the virus, Elias confirmed.

As far as managing the roster, the Orioles are waiting for more guidance from the league and the Major League Baseball Players Association about the deadline for roster cuts. The Orioles currently have 54 players in camp.

“We’re kind of in a holding pattern,” Elias said.

As for Mancini, the Orioles won’t know for at least a week when he might be able to return to the lineup, but their main concern is his ongoing health.

“He’s doing really well and the operation went very well,” Elias said.

UPDATE: The MLB Players Association says all players will be allowed to return home.

But the Orioles will reportedly be staying in Sarasota for the most part:

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