Sponsored: What To Expect When You Don’t Want To Be Expecting, Part I


PressBox is partnering with Chesapeake Urology to answer common questions about the vasectomy procedure and recovery process and to dispel some common myths and misconceptions.

Did you know? March is typically one of the busiest times of the year for vasectomies as men schedule the procedure — and the mandated bed rest — to coincide with hours upon hours of college basketball tournament viewing.

This year, PressBox’s Glenn Clark is one of those men, and even though he won’t have any basketball to watch, he’s sharing his experience to help answer questions about the procedure with the help of Dr. Brad Lerner of Chesapeake Urology.

First up, Glenn and Dr. Lerner discuss what, medically, actually occurs during a vasectomy, why someone might (or might not) be the right person to get a vasectomy and why men might choose vasectomies instead of their partner undergoing tubal ligation.

In partnership with Chesapeake Urology. Check back March 24 for Part II.