The Ravens are looking to add an important piece into their offense — a big-bodied wide receiver who can make big plays downfield and block on plays designed to get others in space. Denzel Mims could be that piece.

The 6-foot-3, 215-pound wide receiver out of Baylor is slated to be one of the top receivers drafted this year, and can see himself fitting nicely in the Ravens offense next season.

“Baylor was a [run-pass option] team, so we were running routes almost every play, so I feel like with Lamar and them, they block, they run the ball, but they also take their shots, and that’s pretty much like us,” Mims said on Glenn Clark Radio March 24. “Seeing that, that’s fantastic. … That’s somewhere I can see myself playing one day.”

Mims would be inserted into an offense that’s on the shorter side in terms of wide receivers, namely Marquise Brown (5-foot-9) and Willie Snead (5-foot-11). Tight end Mark Andrews (6-foot-5, 256 pounds) was Ravens’ top receiver and served as the big man downfield for Lamar Jackson last year.

Mims sets himself apart from other receivers entering the draft with the sheer physicality he brings to the field. He realized in the middle of his college career that catching passes wasn’t enough, though he did plenty of that at Baylor. He caught 186 passes for 2,925 yards and 28 touchdowns for the Bears from 2016-2019.

“I honestly feel like I’m the most physical receiver. I might not be the biggest one, but I definitely feel like I’m the most physical,” Mims said.

He took responsibility his junior year to improve on blocking, something that hurt the team in his first two years at Baylor.

“I feel like I’m a bully when it comes to blocking — that’s something I take pride in, that’s something I love to do,” Mims said.

Now entering the draft, Mims is confident in his abilities across the board as a receiver, adding a 4.38 40-yard dash at the Combine to his resume.

“Being one of the big, tall receivers … and your body is pretty flexible, I feel like that helps me a lot to be able to make those spectacular catches,” Mims said.

The team-first mentality, size and playmaking ability makes Mims an attractive pick for the Ravens as well as many other teams looking to draft wide receivers.

“They’re getting a good teammate, a person that’ll come in every day and work, and also a person who’s going to show a lot at practice and show a lot at the games,” Mims said of what the team drafting him will get. “I’m going to try to help the team in the best way I can, any position you want me to pay, hey, I’ll play it,” he added.

Mims is making sure he’s staying on top of his game in preparation for the draft, keeping in shape during the COVID-19 pandemic by doing exercises he can safely do at home.

“It’s been kind of weird, and one thing that I was taught by [former Baylor head coach Matt Rhule] was to control the controllables, so I’m pretty used to it. The things I can’t control are out of my hands,” he said.

Another thing Mims can’t control is what NFL roster he’ll find himself on — but he’s ready for the NFL after a spectacular final season at Baylor, where he had 66 receptions (fourth in the Big 12) for 1,020 yards (third) and 12 touchdowns (second).

“The things that I can control, I’m going to do everything in my power to control it,” Mims said.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Baylor Athletics