Old habits are tough to break. You can’t teach old curmudgeons new tricks. Take your pick.

Either, or both, might explain why I’m all dressed up with no place to go today. It’s because of a tradition that started on the last Opening Day at Memorial Stadium. That’s when I got in the habit of going full tuxedo for the big days, the kind you remember where you were when such-and-such happened during the last 28 years.

The last day at Memorial Stadium, check. The opening of Oriole Park at Camden Yards, check. All the Opening Days since, 27 checks. 2130 and 2131, check and check. Hall of Fame manager Sparky Anderson’s last day and Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker’s last game as teammates with the Tigers, check, check and check. Cal’s last game, check.

There were a few others along the way, but there has always been one common thread. Opening Day. That’s when the official greeting has always been: “Happy New Year.”

But here we are in 2020, with vision of the New Year that is blurry, not perfect. The start of the season has been postponed, not canceled.

We may be under House Arrest but they can’t do that to Opening Day. Having said that, I’m getting ready the only way I know how — putting on the freshly laundered tuxedo (no it’s not the original), pulling up the recliner and getting ready to binge-watch classic games on MLB.TV.

All dressed up with no place to go … is there any other option?

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