The Baltimore Orioles will play baseball again one day.

But it won’t be today.

They were supposed to open their 2020 season March 26. It would have been the earliest start in the club’s history, which goes back two-thirds of a century.

Now, it’ll be the latest start by far.

If it arrives at all this year.

The nation grapples with the coronavirus pandemic, and baseball’s been postponed until some sunlit day not yet determined. In the same week we’re reminded of baseball’s suspension, we learn that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been postponed until next year.

Baseball’s opening depends on the ongoing contagion. We await a time when we’ll all be allowed to sit next to anyone at all, Bawlamer pal or boisterous New Yawk Yankee fan, without worrying we’re swapping some potentially deadly germs.

The irony is, as we sit in our enforced isolation and fight off loneliness, we need the company of others more than ever.

That’s what we miss most about sports. It offers not only the games, but the companionship. We go to the ballpark as part of a tribe, something bigger than ourselves, something that tells us we have things in common with people we don’t even know.

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Photo Credit: Mitch Stringer/PressBox