Ravens RB Gus Edwards Jumps Into Hip-Hop Scene With Gusto

Gus Edwards has built an impressive resume in his short time with the Baltimore Ravens. He ran for 700-plus yards and two touchdowns in each of the past two years and was part of a record-setting Ravens rushing offense in 2019.

But off the field, Edwards is building a new set of skills.

With in-person team activities suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, the third-year running back has turned his attention to music. He recently released his first single, titled “She on Me,” and is working on more songs.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio because it’s just something to do,” Edwards said on Glenn Clark Radio May 28.

Edwards has always been passionate about music and is friends with a couple of hip-hop producers. Recently, they began listening to and experimenting with different beats, and that’s when everything clicked for Edwards.

The 25-year-old decided to record himself rapping over the music, resulting in a batch of demos ready for production. After receiving positive feedback from those close to him, Edwards released “She on Me” under the name “Gusto,” a persona Edwards said he created to separate himself from his football career.

“That’s not Gus Edwards on an everyday basis,” he said. “That’s Gus Edwards having fun, hanging out with his friends, just kicking it.”

And that mindset is reflected in his lyrics. Edwards said though he jots down some notes and verses before entering the studio, often his best work comes when he is improvising.

“If you want it to sound good, you have to freestyle a little bit and let it just come,” he said. “But to get those deep thoughts that are actually going to hit somebody’s mind when they listen to your music, you have to write down some random thoughts that come to your head during the day.”

Music has always helped Edwards focus throughout his career. On game days, the introverted running back can usually be found keeping to himself and listening to his favorite playlists, which he said helps with his mood.

Now that he has begun to see the artist’s perspective, Edwards has gained a greater appreciation for music’s power.

“On the creative side as an artist, it’s more soothing to hear yourself, because you’re like, ‘Wow, I actually came up with that,'” Edwards said.

And Edwards is not the only current or former member of the Ravens pursuing music as a side career. Defensive end Jihad Ward released a mixtape in March, while cornerback Cyrus Jones — now a free agent — has also dabbled in rapping, according to Edwards.

Besides music, Edwards has been keeping up with football activities the best he can this offseason. He is regularly working out at home and participating in weekly virtual meetings with the running back corps in lieu of organized face-to-face workouts.

And while football is still his main career, Edwards has found support from his teammates for his side passion. He said he has received “great feedback” on his song, which he said has inspired him to keep making new music.

There is more “Gusto” on the way, Edwards said. He released an updated version of “She on Me” May 27. He also plans to drop a music video for the song as well as a second single in the coming weeks.

“Right now, I’m just having fun with it, and I’ll take it from there,” Edwards said.

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Photo Credit: Kenya Allen/PressBox