PressBox chatted with Orioles broadcaster Ben McDonald about his favorite sports team growing up, his favorite ballpark as a pitcher, his favorite TV show and more.

PressBox: What’s your favorite guilty food?
Ben McDonald: Peanut M&M’s

PB: What was your favorite sports team growing up?
BM: I was never a Saints fan because the Saints were always so bad. I just never got into the Saints as a kid. The next closest pro team at the time was the Dallas Cowboys. I was all into Roger Staubach and Tony Dorsett and Robert Newhouse and Harvey Martin and Danny White, all of them.

PB: Who were your favorite baseball players growing up?
BM: Nolan Ryan and Pete Rose were my two favorite baseball players growing up.

PB: What’s your favorite spot to eat in Baltimore?
BM: [Jimmy’s Famous Seafood] sent me a couple things in the mail, and I thought their crab cakes were just outstanding. Jimmy’s Seafood is really good.

PB: What’s your favorite part about Baltimore?
BM: I guess it’s the ballpark for me. There’s a lot of history there. I was [on the team] when they opened it up in ’92. At the time, I thought it was the coolest ballpark ever in the big leagues with the warehouse and where it sits and the way it looks as far as the new ballparks at the time. It was a different kind of ballpark. Still today, it has stood the test of time.

PB: What was your favorite park to pitch in other than Camden Yards and Memorial Stadium?
BM: Probably out in Anaheim. For whatever reason, I always pitched well out there. It seems like every time you go out in that part of the country the weather [is] always 80 degrees and no humidity and no rain. The weather’s perfect.

PB: What’s your favorite park to broadcast from other than Camden Yards?
BM: It’s probably got to be Fenway Park.

PB: What’s your favorite ballpark in the SEC?
BM: Probably Mississippi State in Starkville, Miss.

PB: What’s your favorite movie ever?
BM: I would probably say the movie “Tombstone” with Wyatt Earp and all the boys back in the day — Doc Holliday.

PB: What’s a TV show you’ve been watching recently?
BM: “Yellowstone” with Kevin Costner

Photo Credit: Travis Bell/ESPN Images

Issue 264: September 2020

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