David Baker, Bradley Bozeman, Buck Showalter and more joined Glenn Clark Radio to chat about the life and legacy of Mo Gaba. Here’s what they had to say.

“[The exhibit has] his picture, his story, the draft card itself, and our job will be to carry that legacy on forever for him. It will always be a part of our archive and our exhibit here. On the one hand it was a great opportunity to do something good for somebody, but on the other hand this is what we should be doing anyway. This really was history.”

– Pro Football Hall of Fame president David Baker Aug. 3 on displaying the Braille draft card Mo Gaba used to announce the Ravens’ selection of Ben Powers in 2019

“Mo was blinded from a really young age. But even though he can’t see like you and I can, he had the best vision out of anyone I knew. He saw light in the darkest of times. … If all of us saw things like Mo did, this world would be a lot better place.”

– Ravens offensive lineman Bradley Bozeman July 30 on the impact Mo made on his life

“He’s so amazing. I can’t put into words how special of a person he is and the positive attitude he had. … When he found out he was dying, he apologized to his mom because he didn’t want to leave her alone. He’s not worried about himself, he’s worried about her. He was worried about all of the fans out there — he knows how important he is to people’s lives.”

– 105.7 The Fan host and Mo’s close friend Jeremy Conn July 29 on Mo’s final days

“I think somebody special sent Mo to us. We only had him for 14 years, but you know what? Tonight Mo gets to see his first Oriole game. He’s been to a lot of Oriole games, but he’s going to see his first one tonight.”

– Orioles play-by-play voice Scott Garceau July 29 remembering Mo before the team’s home opener

“Of course it’s not a stretch. Everything that you come in contact with during the course of your day impacts your mentality. That’s not something you can ever evaluate analytically or sabermetrically; understand the human element … that only comes from having boots on the ground and people being able to see players being affected by their interactions with somebody like Mo. … Certainly Mo had a lot of effect on us.”

– Former Orioles manager Buck Showalter July 31 on whether Mo’s presence played a role in the success his teams had during his time in Baltimore

Photo Credits: Courtesy of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Kenya Allen/PressBox, Courtesy of Jeremy Conn

Issue 264: September 2020

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