Ravens wide receiver Devin Duvernay, CBS play-by-play voice Kevin Harlan, Ravens fullback Patrick Ricard and former Orioles manager Buck Showalter joined Glenn Clark Radio recently. Here’s what they had to say.

“When there’s a turnover or a big play and there’s just silence. You’ll normally hear the crowd erupt, or the crowd goes silent if you’re away. You have to stay engaged, keep everybody going.”
Ravens wide receiver Devin Duvernay Sept. 22 on the strangest part of playing in front of no fans to start the 2020 season

“With Lamar, what you see with your eyes is so captivating that there aren’t any words that can heighten it. I guess you’re just hoping maybe for the right one or two words to accent what your eyes are telling you you’re seeing. And what you’re seeing is something that we don’t see every day in the NFL.”
CBS play-by-play voice Kevin Harlan Sept. 17 on what it’s like to call a Ravens game knowing quarterback Lamar Jackson could do something spectacular at any moment

“I think it just shows how great of an organization this is to allow us to have freedom and to use our voice and really listen to their players and the communities to show they care and do all of the things they’re doing. … [John] Harbaugh has done a really good job this whole offseason and during training camp to make sure we’re a unified team and just having guys talk in front of the whole team about how they’re feeling and things going on with everybody. And to let us make a statement from the team by the players, that was a big deal too for them to let us do that and being a part of it was awesome.”
– Ravens fullback Patrick Ricard Sept. 15 on the support the Ravens have shown the players during the push for social justice

“I thought of all the trades we made that Dean Kremer was the best player that came back in those trades. I’m glad to see him [succeed]. At the time, looking over the people that Dan Duquette acquired, that’s the guy that caught my eye.”

“[I liked his] face, body language, bio, he’s got a great bio, talking to people in the clubhouse that have been around him after the trade — the clubhouse guys, coaches, pitching coaches in the minor leagues — his ability to spin the ball for a strike and an unconventional breaking ball.”
– Former Orioles manager Buck Showalter Sept. 16 on why he was so high on the acquisition of right-hander Dean Kremer as part of the 2018 Manny Machado trade when the Orioles were starting their rebuilding process

Photo Credits: Kenya Allen/PressBox and Courtesy of the Baltimore Orioles

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