Player Profile: Walkersville High School’s Abbie Peterson

This Maryland high school player profiles series is presented by the U.S. Army.

Abbie Peterson, a senior second baseman for the Walkersville High School softball team, was nominated for the Maryland high school player profiles series by Lions head coach Randy Hinkelman.

“Like so many others, Abbie had her junior season taken away by the pandemic, which again threatens her senior season,” Hinkelman said. “Abbie has not made excuses. Instead, [she] has pushed even harder toward her dream of playing softball in college. In July, Abbie committed to continue her softball career and education at Stevenson University. Abbie is a joy to have at practice. She is a leader on and off the field, and her love for the game is infectious to her teammates.”

As a freshman, Peterson won a Class 2A regional championship with Walkersville and was named the team’s Rookie of the Year. As a sophomore, she was named the team’s co-Offensive Player of the Year.

She answered a few questions about being nominated.

PressBox: What’s it mean for you to be recognized by your coach like this?

Abbie Peterson: Oh, it means a lot actually. I’ve been working really hard ever since I was a little kid just to keep getting better every year that I’m playing. It’s a real honor to get any recognition for it. It means a lot.

PB: How did you get into softball? What do you love about the sport, and how did you become as good as you’ve become?

AP: I started playing tee-ball when I was 5. And then I’ve just grown up with the sport. I’ve met so many friends through the sport that I’m still friends with today. I’ve introduced my little sister to the sport. And I’m probably just continually pushing myself harder. I’m a very determined person, so I always want to get better and better and better. And it’s a lot of offseason work, it’s a lot of [in-season] work.

PB: Why do you like second base?

AP: I like it because you get involved in a lot of plays. Outfield, you don’t really get a lot. And I’m not really a skills player, like pitcher or catcher, so you get involved in a lot of plays just all around the infield.

PB: How difficult was it when the pandemic cost you your junior softball season? What did you do to stay busy?

AP: It was pretty hard for me because I was in the peak of my recruiting for colleges and stuff. And I really wanted to get my stats out to more colleges and everything. I probably evolved a lot throughout the pandemic. I definitely worked a lot harder on myself, like working out in my backyard and stuff like that. And actually during the pandemic I committed. So I definitely worked my hardest to get where I am now.

PB: What are your plans for after high school?

AP: I’m going to be continuing my softball career at Stevenson University. And then after that I’d like to go to dental school.

PB: Why Stevenson?

AP: I really liked the close-knit community that they have there. I love the softball program. The campus is beautiful. And I love the coach.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Abbie Peterson