For Ravens LG Bradley Bozeman And Wife Nikki, Watching Game Film Is Family Activity

Ravens left guard Bradley Bozeman was disappointed with his team’s 30-24 loss to the Tennessee Titans Nov. 22 and acknowledges there is room for improvement. Bozeman fixes his mistakes on the field by not only watching game film with his coaches and teammates, but also with his wife, Nikki.

After the loss, the Bozemans went home and watched game film together to see what Bozeman could’ve done better along the offensive line. Nikki, a former basketball player at Alabama, believes it’s best to go through film while a game is still fresh in one’s mind and recap everything that happened, good and bad.

“We watched film for a couple of hours [Nov. 22]. You break down plays, you look at it, you see, ‘OK, this, this and this happened.’ This, this and this is what he is talking about fixing on his end, fixing what he can control, stuff like that,” Nikki said on Glenn Clark Radio Nov. 23. “And I think that’s easier to go through a game plan, watch all the film, do all that and then put the iPad down and say, ‘OK, we’re done.'”

The couple has been watching film together ever since the start of their relationship at Alabama. (Bozeman played for the Crimson Tide from 2013-2017, while Nikki played hoops from 2012-2016.) Back then, Nikki didn’t know much about offensive concepts, defensive packages or how to detect a mistake by Bozeman, but Bozeman taught her. She thinks that helped him understand the game better as well.

“He taught me and it was better for him because he taught someone who had no idea,” Nikki said. “So he really had to know what he was talking about to explain it. So then he taught me [Alabama’s] offense and we kind of learned from there. Once you learn a basic offensive set, everyone is just deviations of that. So we kind of flourished into here, and then fast forward seven years we were able to sit down and analyze game film together.”

The two agree that watching film together is more helpful than just doing it alone. Having someone else critique Bozeman’s game gives him that extra set of eyes to catch things that he might not have seen. Nikki said they are very collaborative while watching film together and discuss every mistake.

“We can talk about it back and forth, so I know what’s going on and I know what should have happened or what shouldn’t have happened,” Nikki said, “and we can really talk about it and analyze it.”

Bozeman enjoys watching film with Nikki because he gets to spend time with his wife while also improving in his line of work. He respects how honest she is with him when he has an off week, and they will work through Bozeman’s play together while watching film. Bozeman said it’s all about accountability.

“If I have a bad game, she’ll let me know — not in a mean way, but she is very honest, she makes me stay real with myself,” Bozeman said. “It’s really [good] watching film with her. We can kind of go through things because sometimes you want to think you did better than you did, but when you have someone where they are holding you accountable, it makes it a lot better in reality.”

Although Bozeman does like watching film with Nikki, watching plays from a loss over and over again is never fun. Bozeman does his best to learn from the positives and negatives alike.

Still, the overtime loss to the Titans was a tough one for Bozeman and the Ravens. The Titans’ offense beat the Ravens’ offense in almost every statistic, including passing yards, rushing yards, time of possession and first downs. The Ravens also had six penalties for 81 yards, while the Titans only had four for 44 yards. Baltimore let a 21-10 third-quarter lead slip away throughout the second half.

“It sucks to lose. Everyone hates losing no matter what form or fashion,” Bozeman said. “When you play like crap and you get your butt kicked by three or four touchdowns, I really think that frustrates me more than anything else because you know you’re better than that. [Against the Titans] we came in and made some mistakes, for sure, but we played our butts off. Every guy gave everything they had. We were trying to catch balls, trying to run the ball, we’re trying to block guys, trying to make plays, and we just came up short.”

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Photo Credit: Kenya Allen/PressBox