What’s Maryland linebacker Chance Campbell’s favorite spot to eat in College Park? What’s a TV show he’s binged lately? Here’s what the Calvert Hall graduate had to say.

PressBox: What was your favorite sports team growing up?
Chance Campbell: When I was little, probably NFL-wise I was a big Ravens fan. In terms of basketball, I didn’t really watch the NBA, so I was a big college basketball fan. I was a big Duke fan when I was little.

PB: Who was your favorite sports star growing up?
CC: Probably Luke Kuechly

PB: What’s your favorite spot to eat in College Park?
CC: Chipotle’s probably the mainstay. It’s probably my go-to. But they just opened up a Five Guys. I’ve only been there once, but that place was pretty solid.

PB: What’s your favorite part about the University of Maryland?
CC: The fact that it’s close to home. I like that I can go to school and be 45 minutes away from my family pretty much at all times.

PB: What’s your favorite football memory at Calvert Hall?
CC: Probably my senior year Turkey Bowl. Our last game of the year was always the Turkey Bowl, and to be able to play with guys you went to school with for four years — when I was there, we finished 4-0 against [Loyola Blakefield], so we won every year I was there, so that was pretty cool.

PB: What’s your favorite lacrosse memory at Calvert Hall?
CC: It’s probably winning the MIAA championship my junior year.

PB: What’s your favorite place to play aside from Maryland Stadium?
CC: I played at Kinnick [Stadium] my freshman year at Iowa when we waved at the children’s hospital. That was pretty sweet.

PB: What TV show have you binged lately?
CC: Just finished a show called “Kingdom” on Netflix. It’s about an MMA fighting gym, and it had some characters that I knew from another show that I used to watch, “Friday Night Lights.”

PB: What’s a bucket-list place you’ve never been to?
CC: I think it’d be pretty cool to go see Yosemite — like go out West and see the Grand Canyon, see Yosemite National Park and see some of the cool stuff in the country.

PB: What are you majoring in and why?
CC: I’m majoring in finance. … I actually just declared finance this last semester. I took an intro to finance course that I liked, and I had a couple friends who were on the team before — a guy named Max Bortenschlager and a guy named Mike Shinsky — who really liked it and talked pretty highly of it. That kind of pointed me that way.

Photo Credit: Kenya Allen/PressBox

Issue 265: October/November 2020

Originally published Oct. 14, 2020

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