Best Of 2020

Throughout the past year, scores of current and former local athletes and coaches have taken active roles in the fight against COVID-19 and for social justice. These are just a few of their stories. 

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Isaiah Davis-Allen

In August, Chesapeake Bayhawks short-stick defensive midfielder Isaiah Davis-Allen was named Major League Lacrosse’s 2020 David Huntley Man of the Year for his off-field work.

Through coaching, the former Terp works to introduce young minority athletes to the sport of lacrosse and to help guide them to future opportunities.

Davis-Allen is also one of just four Black players in Major League Lacrosse; those four make up MLL’s Black Players Coalition, which has pushed to create change in how the league combats racism and social injustice in the sport and around the world. Davis-Allen found his voice in that effort.

“You want to leave the sport better than when you came in, and I realized I wasn’t doing that by not saying anything,” Davis-Allen said in September. “We’re definitely pushing forward and that’s something you’re seeing in the sport of lacrosse that you haven’t seen before.”

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