Best Of 2020: Izaac Hester and John Rineman

Best Of 2020

Throughout the past year, scores of current and former local athletes and coaches have taken active roles in the fight against COVID-19 and for social justice. These are just a few of their stories. 

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Izaac Hester and John Rineman

Izaac Hester is a senior running back and long snapper for the Loyola Blakefield football team, while John Rineman is a senior middle linebacker.

Both attended protests in the area following the death of George Floyd; Hester went to protests in White Marsh and Towson, while Rineman went to one in Baltimore.

Rineman, who’s in the digital media program at Loyola, took photos of the protest as well. “Just interacting between people down there, it was a really cool experience because you kind of shared the same goals and opportunity to be better as people [even though] you have never even seen their faces before,” Rineman said. “It was a cool sense of community.”

Hester got that same sense of community. “The first thing I was surprised by was the amount of people that were there and the diversity,” Hester said. “What I thought was going to be just a fight for African Americans, it’s a brotherhood out there. It’s a true fight. Everyone from all ethnicities is all out there trying to fight for equality for everyone.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Loyola Blakefield

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