PressBox recently caught up with Maryland first baseman Maxwell Costes to chat about his memories from playing at Gilman, his favorite spots to eat and more. The Baltimore native hit .432/.620/.750 with four home runs during the shortened 2020 season and was named the Big Ten Freshman of the Year in 2019. The 6-foot-1, 215-pound Costes is a top-100 college prospect in the 2021 MLB Draft, according to D1Baseball.

PressBox: Who was your favorite sports star growing up?
Maxwell Costes: LeBron James

PB: What was your favorite sports team growing up?
MC: I’m going to say the Baltimore Orioles because that’s really my first memory of sports.

PB: What’s your favorite baseball memory at Gilman?
MC: I’m tempted to say the 100th Gilman-McDonogh game, but I’m going to be selfish and say the Gilman-McDonogh game my senior year because I actually got to play. I was a sophomore for the 100th game, but my senior year I actually played in the Gilman-McDonogh game. … We actually had to win that game to get into the playoffs.

PB: What’s your favorite football memory at Gilman?
MC: I played my freshman and my senior year. I was a defensive end and left guard. We only had one Friday home game my senior year. It was Calvert Hall. We ended up winning that game, 35-28.

PB: What’s your favorite spot to eat in Baltimore?
MC: There’s this place called Pepe’s right near Gilman. While I was there, we would go there all the time after practice and after games.

PB: What’s your favorite spot to eat in College Park?
MC: I recently got into this place called Potbelly Sandwich [Shop]. I wasn’t hip to it and I recently got into it. They make some damn good sandwiches.

PB: What’s your favorite campus to visit on a Big Ten road trip?
MC: Northwestern, not even close.

PB: What’s a bucket-list place you haven’t visited?
MC: New Zealand

PB: What are your favorite movies ever?
MC: The first one is going to be “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.” I really, really loved that. And the second one is going to be “Spirited Away.”

PB: What are you majoring in and why?
MC: Psychology. I kind of like talking to people. One of the things I’ve come to understand is that I seem to be very good at not necessarily helping people but connecting with them. People seem to be very comfortable around me. They seem to be able to open up to me. I’ve gotten pretty good at giving people advice about the things that bother them or [anything] else. I figure there’d be no better career path for me than being a psychologist.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Maryland Athletics

Issue 267: February/March 2021

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