Sponsored: Why Better Windows Are The Key To Going Green


PressBox is partnering with Window Nation to answer homeowners’ biggest questions about window repair. This article was provided by Window Nation.

There is a secret culprit widening the average person’s carbon footprint and causing them to use more energy than they need, without them even realizing it. And it’s their windows.

About one-third of residential energy use occurs due to heat escaping from or entering through windows, which leads people to crank up their thermostats or air conditioners and use more electricity. And with 87% of people wanting to live a more sustainable lifestyle, a better set of windows can be exactly what homeowners need.

As people have become more aware of their impact on the environment, it’s become common for them to look for ways to make their homes more ecofriendly. Aaron Magden, president and co-founder of window installation brand Window Nation, noted that customers’ desire for eco-friendly window options has become “a steady and consistent trend.”

Another key draw to sustainable homes is the financial benefit they offer. A typical U.S. household spends $2,000 per year on energy bills and costconscious homeowners can save about 30% of that by making environmentally-safe updates.

Comfort is also a desirable quality of energy-efficient homes, according to Sandy Adomatis, a residential real estate appraiser who specializes in green properties. Her clients are drawn to the prospect of having better indoor air quality and more livable temperatures that are consistent throughout a home; poor windows can make it hard for homeowners to regulate temperature, which is often different from one room to the next.

“You [should be able to] stand in front of your picture window without having a jacket on,” Adomatis said.

In order for a window to trap in energy and reduce waste, it needs to be installed properly. This may seem like a no-brainer, but a quarter of Window Nation’s business comes from reinstalling windows that weren’t put in right the first time, according to Magden. On top of driving up energy usage, improperly installed windows sometimes result in building-code violations. And they eventually require re-installations, which are necessary but costly.

To ensure that Window Nation installs windows correctly every time, the organization only collaborates with local window manufacturers and hires highlytrained installers. Carefully chosen insulation, caulking and LEED-certified sealants also help ensure that their installations last.

Professionals at Window Nation can also help customers select the best energy-efficient windows for their homes. Magden recommends working with a design consultant, who will consider the layout and construction of a home before suggesting products.

And homeowners don’t have to get a new house or make dramatic changes in order to see a difference in their energy usage. Adomatis advises homeowners to select specific window types depending on how much sun reaches different parts of the house.

The desire for energy-efficient windows will only increase in years to come, according Magden. Window Nation has already seen an uptick in requests for energy-efficient windows as “more homeowners learn about the technology and realize how much they can save each year,” he added — and he doesn’t expect that to slow down any time soon.

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