Loyola men’s lacrosse junior defenseman Cam Wyers, who has helped anchor the Greyhounds on the back end for the past three years, recently chatted with PressBox about growing up in Canada, his Ravens fandom, his favorite movie and more.

PressBox: Who was your favorite sports star growing up in Ottawa?
Cam Wyers: I would have to say growing up I was a huge fan of Wayne Gretzky. … I was originally a hockey player first, so I was always looking up to him and thinking about making it to the NHL and all that stuff, but I also played football when I was younger, too, and I really looked up to Ray Lewis just because of his tenacity on the field.

PB: Were you a Ravens fan growing up?
CW: I was, so it ended up working out when I chose to come to Loyola.

PB: What’s your favorite hometown food in Ottawa?
CW: You can’t go wrong with poutine just because that’s the Canadian go-to. Usually it’s like a family-cooked meal … but if I’m going to go out and grab something, I’d probably get a bacon cheeseburger poutine from one of those small fry stands because they usually have the best ones.

PB: What’s your favorite thing about Baltimore?
CW: I would say the crabs. I really was not big into seafood before, but once I got here and I got to try the crabs and especially the Old Bay seasoning with it, I love it. Delicious.

PB: What’s a bucket-list place you haven’t visited?
CW: I would say I’ve always wanted to go to Australia and check that place out.

PB: What TV show have you binge-watched recently?
CW: I’ve actually been on the “Last Chance U” basketball series lately and I really enjoyed that.

PB: What’s your favorite movie ever?
CW: Probably “Pulp Fiction.”

PB: What makes Ridley Athletic Complex such a special place to play lacrosse?
CW: It’s on top of a hill, which I think is pretty cool. You’re going to Mount Ridley, as we call it sometimes. The stands aren’t huge, so when we play our big games, the place is packed [and] roaring — just no other greater moment, just something that I’ll really never forget leaving here.

PB: What’s your favorite campus to visit on a Patriot League road trip?
CW: Nothing gets better than playing at Ridley, but from the campuses we’ve been to so far, I would say going to Navy was pretty cool. But I’m more of an Army-cheering guy, so I’d say Army I really enjoyed just because it was right on the water and the campus was beautiful.

PB: What are you majoring in and why?
CW: Mechanical engineering. My uncle is an engineer right now with the government of Canada. He gets to work with military-grade vehicles and armor and stuff like that, so I kind of got an insight on that when I was younger and I was just always super interested in it and really thought it would be something I would enjoy growing up to do.

Photo Credit: Larry French

Issue 268: April/May 2021

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