ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian, Jordan McNair Foundation founder Marty McNair, new Ravens right guard Kevin Zeitler and more stopped by Glenn Clark Radio recently. Here’s what they had to say.

“It’s hard to put a timeline on it. Six or seven years is more likely than three or four at this point. My biggest concern is the gap between the really good teams now and the really bad teams now is a wider gap than I’ve ever seen in the 40 years that I’ve covered [baseball].”
– ESPN MLB reporter Tim Kurkjian Feb. 25 on the timeline for the Orioles’ rebuild

“Speaking as a woman, we have very limited doors and opportunities to make money off our athleticism. When we’re at the peak of our athletic ability during college and the NCAA says that we can’t make money off of that, that may be the only time in our lives that we’re able to make anything off of it and they’re taking it away for us.”
– Maryland Del. Brooke Lierman — a former rower at Dartmouth — March 19 on the Jordan McNair Safe and Fair Play Act bill she co-sponsored

“One of the things that I was somewhat adamant about was I didn’t want to use Jordan’s name out of notoriety. I was very adamant about that. … All I wanted to know was, ‘Will the student-athlete be safe? [And] if you guarantee this kid an education or a scholarship at your school, in the event of something happening will the school still honor that?'”
– Jordan McNair Foundation founder Marty McNair (Jordan’s father) March 22 on the Jordan McNair Safe and Fair Play Act passing in the state Senate and House of Delegates

“Just being in the AFC North so much, I think that’s more my style of ball. And on top of that, seeing what the Ravens have done over the past couple of years offensively as well as defensively, it just seemed like a great fit.”
– New Ravens offensive lineman Kevin Zeitler — who spent five years with the Bengals and two with the Browns — March 15 in his first interview after agreeing to sign with Baltimore

“He’s the one who introduced me to basketball, and he put the basketball in my hands. My junior year at Calvert Hall he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He was battling my junior year and senior year. … We lost him to cancer. It’s tough for the family but that’s just my motivation every day. Just do everything for him.”
– Calvert Hall graduate and University of Houston forward Justin Gorham March 24 on honoring his late father, Jerry, as the Cougars made their run to the Final Four

Photo Credits: Kelly Backus/ESPN Images, Courtesy of Del. Lierman, Courtesy of the Jordan McNair Foundation,, 2021 NCAA Photos

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