Player Profile: REACH! Partnership School’s Ty’Candice Smith

The Maryland high school player profiles series is presented by the U.S. Army.

Ty’Candice Smith, who recently graduated from Baltimore’s REACH! Partnership School, was nominated for the Maryland high school player profiles series by varsity track coach Herman Harried.

“Ty’Candice is the model student-athlete,” Harried said. “She is a school leader and team captain. She is very reliable and well-respected by all. She was also the senior class salutatorian, falling just short of valedictorian.”

Smith participated in cross country, indoor and outdoor track since she was a freshman. She worked her way up to team captain and proved to be a leader in all aspects.

Smith took some time to answer a few questions about receiving this honor.

PressBox: What does it mean to you to have your coach recognize you for this?

Ty’Candice Smith: It’s always an honor to be recognized by my coach. It’s always amazing and my team, it’s always been like a family to me. It’s just nice to be honored.

PB: How did you prepare for the season with the knowledge that you might not have a track and cross country season to participate in during the 2020-21 school year?

TS: In preparation for the season, I was practicing as normally as I could. We made sure to stay on top of our academics off the field and I made sure to keep my teammates motivated in the classroom since we weren’t able to compete on the track.

PB: As a team captain, did you feel more of a responsibility to keep your teammates in good spirits without there being a track season last spring?

TS: I’m going to make sure that I let my team know they’re great at what they’re doing. I made sure they went hard and I continued to motivate them and let them know that I had their backs and they had my support.

PB: How did you first get into track and what has kept you going in the sport?

TS: It was my coach that first got me into it, and when I first came to the school, they happened to be one of my teachers. They were a fantastic PE teacher and after asking me about what sports I did, track and field was brought up, and my passion for it grew from there. I have to thank my coach for it.

PB: What’s been your favorite moment in your track and field career so far?

TS: Honestly, just being at meets and cheering on my teammates and everyone else competing. We’re all cheering each other on and it’s really fun getting to know everyone involved. It’s a big community and I love being part of it.

PB: What are your post-graduation plans both academically and athletically?

TS: I’ll be attending the University of Maryland, College Park, where I’m studying to become an OB-GYN in the future. I’m definitely going to do some type of sport, even if it isn’t my main sport, just trying to get involved in some athletic club or something like that.

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Photo Credit: Lifetouch