Here are my power rankings, with comments on the top 10 teams.

1. San Francisco Giants (71-41, No. 1 last week): The Giants pulled off wins in the last two games of a three-game series at Miller Park. If they had lost them, they’d have the Brewers breathing down their necks.

2. Milwaukee Brewers (66-44, No. 4): The Brewers and Giants played an incredible game Aug. 7, when a misplay in the top of the ninth opened the door for the Giants to go ahead 5-2, only to see Luis Urias hit a two-run homer and wild man Willy Adames hit a solo shot to tie it. Alas, they lost and lost Aug. 8 as well. The Brewers are still leading the NL Central but are five games behind Giants, who know they belong.

3. Chicago White Sox (66-46, No. 3): A healthy Eloy Jimenez makes the White Sox a more dangerous team — that and a terrific rotation and backend of the ‘pen.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers (67-45, No. 2): The Dodgers might not have the exact record to say they are still the king of the hill, but they are and Max Scherzer kind of equals an exclamation point!

5. Tampa Bay Rays (68-44, No. 5): Nelson Cruz was the perfect fit for the Rays, who dazzle against the lightweights. However, I find the constant roster turnovers almost dizzying and wonder about what it does to real chemistry when really nobody has anyone’s back.

6. Houston Astros (66-46, No. 6): Looking at the team-by-team stats, the Astros are very dangerous and they may prove me totally wrong. I can’t put my finger on it, but I think they’ll fizzle in the playoffs.

7. Oakland Athletics (64-48, No. 8): So far, it looks like the A’s got the best player at the deadline in outfielder Starling Marte. He is highly motivated to be back on a team trying to win right now. The team’s trade-deadline pickups greatly improve the buttons manager Bob Melvin has to push.

8. Boston Red Sox (65-49, No. 7): Up until the past 10 days, the Red Sox looked to be dominating the AL East all season. Now, they have to look up at the Rays and look back at the Blue Jays and Yankees nipping at their heels. They sure could have used Craig Kimbrel more than the other Sox.

9. Toronto Blue Jays (60-50, No. 9): Injuries are part of the game, but watching what George Springer does for this lineup makes you wonder how much closer they’d be to first place if he had been healthy. Bo Bichette is nursing two shin bruises. Fingers crossed if you are a Jays fan.

10. New York Yankees (61-50, No. 10): Funny how things work out. The club tried to trade Luke Voit only to need him while Anthony Rizzo gets over COVID. I have honestly not seen anything as crazy as the Yankees’ injury woes dating back to 2018 or so. It just doesn’t end. Luis Gil made two tremendous starts but is back with the Scranton-Wilkes Barre Railriders. He’ll be back.

11. Cincinnati Reds (61-51, No. 12)
12. San Diego Padres (64-49, No. 11)
13. Philadelphia Phillies (59-53, No. 17)
14. Seattle Mariners (59-54, No. 13)
15. New York Mets (56-55, No. 14)
16. Cleveland Indians (54-55, No. 15)
17. Atlanta Braves (57-55, No. 18)
18. St. Louis Cardinals (55-56, No. 16)
19. Los Angeles Angels (56-56, No. 19)
20. Detroit Tigers (54-60, No. 20)
21. Colorado Rockies (51-61, No. 23)
22. Washington Nationals (50-62, No. 21)
23. Chicago Cubs (52-61, No. 22)
24. Kansas City Royals (48-62, No. 24)
25. Minnesota Twins (48-64, No. 25)
26. Miami Marlins (47-65, No. 26)
27. Pittsburgh Pirates (41-71, No. 27)
28. Baltimore Orioles (38-72, No. 28)
29. Arizona Diamondbacks (35-78, No. 30)
30. Texas Rangers (39-73, No. 29)

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