With so many betting options for the NFL season, we asked PressBox’s Stan “The Fan” Charles, Glenn Clark and Ken Zalis and 105.7 The Fan’s Jeremy Conn to share some of their favorite bets for this season and to pick the over/under for the Ravens’ regular-season win total of 11 games.

All numbers are from FanDuel in early August.

Baltimore Ravens’ Over-Under Win Total: 11 Games

Stan “The Fan” Charles: Over 11 Wins (+100)
To date, Lamar Jackson has started 39 NFL regular-season games, and his record in those games is a stunning 31-8, which comes to a 79.49 winning percentage. Jackson’s team went 11-5 last season in a 16-game season. If the Ravens go 12-5 in 2021, that would mean Jackson’s winning percentage would be 70 percent — 9 percentage points less than his career winning percentage. That seems highly doable and likely to me.

Glenn Clark: Over 11 Wins (+100)
With the Ravens’ number set at 11 wins, it really feels like the question is, “Do you think Lamar Jackson will stay healthy?” If he does, it’s terribly difficult to find more than five losses on their schedule. I have significant concerns about the offensive line, but a healthy Jackson should overcome that. You have to bet the over.

Jeremy Conn: Over 11 Wins (+100)
I’ll take the Ravens over 11 wins. I think the number is perfect. I believe they are an 11-12 win team if they stay healthy. They should be the No. 1 rushing team again and I believe they will have a top-five defense as well. I have the Ravens going 12-5 and winning the AFC North.

Ken Zalis: Over 11 Wins (+100)
I want to call this a push because I think 11 is set perfectly. Since I can no longer pick them to go 10-6 — I might have to retire because of it — I have them at 11-6. But no fence-sitting … this is a team with Super Bowl aspirations, and teams with those goals do not lose seven games, so I will take the over.

Other Teams’ Over-Under Win Total Bets

Stan “The Fan” Charles: Los Angeles Rams, Over 10.5 Wins (+120)
The Rams enter 2021 with a new quarterback in Matthew Stafford, who inherits a terrific receiving corps led by Robert Woods, Cooper Kupp and free-agent signee DeSean Jackson. If head coach Sean McVay was able to go 10-6 with Jared Goff last season, just imagine what they can do now. If I am right about Stafford, the Rams almost can’t help but win more than 10.5 games. They have a quartet of potential wins with games against the Lions, Texans, Giants and Jaguars, which helps.

Glenn Clark: Los Angeles Rams, Under 10.5 Wins (-140)
As surprising as this might seem, I think it’s smart to bet the Rams UNDER 10.5 wins. While we all believe the Sean McVay-Matthew Stafford union will bear fruit, they play an incredibly tough schedule. In addition to the very balanced NFC West, they get the Buccaneers, Titans, Packers and Ravens.

Jeremy Conn: Kansas City Chiefs, Under 12.5 Wins (-120)
That’s a big number, and I believe the AFC West has gotten a lot tougher. I expect the Broncos and Chargers to compete for the playoffs, and the Raiders won’t be an easy out either. The Chiefs have a tough schedule, and I think their number is too high.

Jeremy Conn: Minnesota Vikings, Over 8.5 Wins (-160)
The offense is there for the Vikings to have a successful season. I have a ton of questions about their defense, but they are in a division with the Bears and Lions and face a much easier schedule this year.

Ken Zalis: Green Bay Packers, Over 10 Wins (-150)
If the mindset is that this is the “Last Dance” for Aaron Rodgers and Co., this is easy money for me with the over. Face it, their division isn’t that good to begin with and we’ve seen what a motivated Rodgers can do.

Season Specials

Stan “The Fan” Charles: Most Regular-Season Receptions — Stefon Diggs (+420)
FanDuel has odds on more than 30 players to lead the NFL in receptions this season, but I’m focused on the top four (Stefon Diggs +420, DeAndre Hopkins +460, Travis Kelce +600, Davante Adams +750). I’m out on Hopkins and Adams because I see too much injury risk with Kyler Murray and Aaron Rodgers, respectively. I love the developing esprit de corps in Buffalo between Diggs and Josh Allen, and Kelce has more competition for targets in K.C. So give me Stefon Diggs to lead the NFL in receptions this season.

Player Props

Glenn Clark: Justin Herbert To Win NFL MVP (+2000)
At +2000, I need to put a couple dollars down on Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert to win MVP. He was a marvel in 2020, setting a new rookie record with 31 passing touchdowns. They seriously upgraded the offensive line in front of him by adding center Corey Linsley and rookie tackle Rashawn Slater, and he has a deep set of weapons.

Ken Zalis: Sam Darnold, Over 3,850.5 Passing Yards (-112)
Former Panthers quarterback Teddy Bridgewater threw for more than 3,700 yards last year dinking and dunking. Carolina upgraded its offensive line, and it will hopefully have a fully healthy Christian McCaffrey. Plus, DJ Moore and Robby Anderson are pretty good on the outside. I love this one! Now just stay healthy and stop seeing ghosts, Mr. Darnold.

And For A Long-Shot Bet …

Jeremy Conn: Ja’Marr Chase To Win Offensive Rookie of the Year (+1700)
I can’t wait to watch this kid play at the NFL level. I’ve been telling everyone who will listen that I believe in two years we will be talking about him being a top-five wide receiver overall.

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