Each week I will tell you five things on my mind … two dealing with fantasy football, two dealing with sports in general (mostly NFL/Ravens/Orioles) and one random thought about the rest of the universe.

1. You are too high on Sony Michel — and for that matter, Darrell Henderson! If the Rams really trusted what they had in Henderson, why make the trade? Especially for Michel, who is talented but doesn’t seem to avoid injuries very much. I’d still rather take a flyer late on Xavier Jones or Jake Funk.

2. You are too low on James Robinson! The Travis Etienne news stinks, but even before the news many were too low on Robinson. Carlos Hyde is there and should still be a late pick in most leagues, but Robinson is GOOD! He was good from Day One last year. Only the coaching staff can mess this up … which isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

3. The Orioles ended their 19-game losing streak. Well, yay! Let’s start streaking again. Folks, this is development and evaluation. It’s like a season-long spring training for this team. The future is bright, but if you are worried, upset or bemoaning the losses, you don’t get it!

4. There is nothing I care less about than the Ravens’ preseason winning streak. The games don’t count, there is no trophy awarded, no flag to fly … it’s a silly thing to care about and/or think is important. For the “winning culture” crowd — as a coach, I learn more from a loss then any win … period.

5. The Champions League draw was bananas. If you don’t know what that is … I don’t know what to tell you. It may be one of the top three sports tournaments in the world.

Ken Zalis

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