Each week I will tell you five things on my mind … two dealing with fantasy football, two dealing with sports in general (mostly NFL/Ravens/Orioles) and one random thought about the rest of the universe.

1. Owners of Saquon Barkley and Antonio Gibson could be on tilt this morning, why not make an offer for either one or both?

2. The Ravens may be becoming the dreaded running-back-by-committee team to avoid for fantasy. That’s not a good thing. Sell high.

3. “Thursday Night Football” has been the great wasteland in years past, but so far in 2021 we have had two straight fun and entertaining games. Next week we get Carolina at Houston … dare I smell a third fun game in a row?

4. Historically only about 11 percent of teams that start 0-2 make the playoffs. With the addition of a 17th game, does that still mean anything? Does the percentage move up? It still has to be below 20 percent, right? Someone smarter than me do the math. Anyway, Baltimore, Buffalo, Cleveland, Indianapolis and Tennessee, Green Bay and Dallas are among the 0-1 teams. Does this make Week 2 must win for those playoff hopefuls? Hmmm.

5. Yesterday was Yom Kippur. I hope everyone had an easy fast. It’s a deeply personal holiday for me, so let’s all try and be better, kinder and more forgiving. Amen.

Photo by Ed Sheahin/PressBox

Ken Zalis

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