Player Profile: Hancock Middle-Senior High School’s Laura Golden

The Maryland high school player profiles series is presented by the U.S. Army.

Three-sport star Laura Golden, who graduated from Hancock Middle-Senior High School in the spring, was nominated for the Maryland high school player profiles series by varsity volleyball coach Shawnda Wills.

“Laura is not only an outstanding student-athlete, she is also an outstanding human. She will do anything that is asked of [her] and then will even do more,” Wills said. “She may not be the biggest player on the field or court but she will give it all she has and then some. It was an absolute privilege to coach her for two years and I am so proud of the young lady she is.”

Golden was a standout player on Hancock’s volleyball, basketball and softball teams. She served as a setter, guard and outfielder/second baseman. She was also the valedictorian for the graduating 2021 class of Hancock.

Golden answered a few questions about receiving this honor.

PressBox: What does it mean to be nominated by your former coach for an honor like this?

Laura Golden: Honestly, I didn’t even know about it until my coach had texted me quite recently. I was really honored because I never really thought about ever being honored or asked to do something like this. I’m really thankful that she would consider me.

PB: What was the sports season like for you as a senior? Were you able to play all three sports and how much of those seasons did you play?

LG: I was able to have seasons in all three sports that I play. For volleyball, we got about five games in before COVID rates went up in November. Our basketball season was shortened up to eight or 10 games, but I was lucky enough to have a full 20-game softball season in the spring.

PB: How much more of a leadership role did you take across the three sports you played to make sure your teammates were prepared for their respective seasons?

LG: Compared to past years, this was definitely the most growth I’ve had and biggest step I’ve taken because we were so young in every single sport, especially softball and basketball. I really wanted to focus on not just me getting better, but each player getting better individually.

PB: When did you first get involved in each sport and what kept you going to eventually become a three-sport star in high school?

LG: Sports are really big in my family, especially with my dad. The first sport I picked up was softball, but I actually played football in grade school, eventually picking up basketball once I stopped playing football, and I didn’t start playing volleyball until high school. Going to such a small school as mine is, you kept the different programs alive by playing several different sports — at least that’s what my perspective was.

PB: What were some of your favorite moments and achievements across your athletic career?

LG: Since [Hancock] was such a small school, just going out and being able to compete with all my friends and hang out and laugh, get each other fired up in the locker rooms before and during games and on bus rides. I wouldn’t trade my four years for anything.

PB: What is next up for you now that you’ve graduated high school? What are your plans for college?

LG: My last two years while also attending high school, I attended Hagerstown Community College and earned my associate’s degree in science before graduating. I’m going to be attending West Virginia University to do two more years of undergrad, getting my bachelor’s degree in biology and then attending physician assistant schooling.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Hancock Middle-Senior High School