Memorial Service To Be Held For Longtime WMAR-TV Sportscaster Jack Dawson

A memorial service for longtime WMAR-TV sportscaster Jack Dawson will be held Saturday, Oct. 2 at 11 a.m. at Towson United Methodist Church.

Dawson, who spent more than 30 years covering local sports for WMAR, died of coronavirus complications Nov. 19.

“He was very well thought of at the station. He was like everybody’s father,” former WMAR-TV production manager Harry Kakel told The Baltimore Sun. “It was a transition time. We were going from black-and-white to color and later to video. And Jack was a leader the staff looked up to. In a field where talent is often not local, Jack was local. He was one of the guys the staff bonded with.”

Before becoming a sportscaster, Dawson (born John Deuber) taught chemistry at Towson High School and Southern High School.

Dawson is survived by three daughters and a son; seven grandchildren, including former PressBox managing editor Kailtyn (Carr) Wilson, and six great-grandchildren.

Towson United Methodist Church is located at 501 Hampton Lane. Click here for directions.

Photo Courtesy of Pamela Carr


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