Each week I will tell you five things on my mind … usually two dealing with fantasy football, two dealing with sports in general (mostly NFL/Ravens/Orioles) and one random thought about the rest of the universe.

1. Robert Woods finally had the game fantasy owners have been waiting for. Let’s hope the Rams realize they can find some consistency and continue to feed both Cooper Kupp and Woods the rest of the year.

2. The Bears answered the fantasy football community’s prayers and named Justin Fields the starting quarterback going forward. Darnell Mooney looked like a star with Fields last week. Let’s hope Allen Robinson gets into the mix this week.

3. Provided the new CBA doesn’t change anything, the Orioles will have the first pick in next year’s MLB Draft. If you are going to lose, lose properly so there is a reward at the end of the tunnel. Believe it or not, this was the true first year in which the rebuild was heading in the right direction. You found guys to build around in Ryan Mountcastle and Cedric Mullins. Trey Mancini is still an Oriole. Austin Hays, if he could just stay healthy, is a really good player. The goal for 2022 should be to approach .500 and then keep moving on up. The minor-league system is full of solid prospects if you believe the people who grade those sorts of things.

4. The Ravens sit at 3-1 with an offensive line that has been put together with glue and tape and a running back corps that would have been awesome in 2017. They also have 16 players on IR. I complain maybe more than most about their coaching, but I have always said the team plays hard for this staff. So that’s as close as a compliment as I can give. You read that, @GlennClarkRadio? The team has Lamar Jackson and when they let Lamar be Lamar, no one can stop them offensively.

5. Rashod Bateman was my WR1 headed into last year’s draft. Like everyone else, I’m excited to see him play and find out how he can continue to help an ever-improving passing attack. But for fantasy purposes, let’s cool our jets at least for a week or two. Let’s see how it all works out.

Ken Zalis

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