Johns Hopkins senior midfielder Jack Hawley recently chatted with PressBox about his unique connection to the Blue Jays, his favorite spot to eat in Baltimore, his favorite hobby and more.

PressBox: What is a bucket-list place you’d like to visit?
Jack Hawley: Probably Japan. I’ve got some family over there. That’s a place that I’d love to go to.

PB: If you could trade places with any movie or TV character, who would it be?
JH: Jason Bourne’s pretty cool. That would be pretty cool, being Jason Bourne.

PB: Who was your favorite sports star growing up?
JH: Probably Tom Brady.

PB: What was your favorite sports team growing up?
JH: Favorite sports team growing up would be Hopkins, without a doubt. My uncle is Dave Pietramala, who is the former head coach. … We were pretty close. He was obviously always busy with the team and the program. It’s a year-round gig, so I would see him on holidays and stuff. When I was in middle school and a little bit in high school, I was able to come down here and do some of the camps and stuff and hang out with him and be with my cousins who are his two kids, Dom and Nick.

PB: How did Pietramala influence you as a lacrosse player?
JH: He was probably the most pivotal individual as far as me picking up a lacrosse stick. There’s a photo of me — I’m probably no older than 2 or 3 years old — and I’m sitting in his lap and he’s holding a lacrosse stick in my hand. I was going to Hopkins games as a little kid and basically, I’ve been playing the game my entire life.

PB: What is your favorite movie of all time?
JH: Probably “Jaws,” the first one.

PB: What is your favorite spot to eat in Baltimore?
JH: Souvlaki. It’s about five, 10 minutes from here in Hampden. It’s a little Greek place. It’s really good.

PB: What TV show have you been binging lately?
JH: I don’t watch too much TV, but if I have the time, I’ll watch “Narcos” on Netflix.

PB: Do you have a hidden talent?
JH: I play guitar.

PB: What is your favorite song to play on the guitar?
JH: Probably “Voodoo Child” by Jimi Hendrix. That one normally gets everybody really excited, really fired up.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Johns Hopkins Athletics

Issue 274: April/May 2022

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