Josh Charles Shares Reaction To Ravens Loss, Thanks Team For Great Season

The Baltimore Ravens’ loss to the Tennessee Titans in the NFL divisional round hit fans hard. The Ravens came into the game as the No. 1 seed in the AFC, with many experts around the league touting them as Super Bowl favorites.

After the game, actor Josh Charles, the nephew of PressBox publisher/founder Stan “The Fan” Charles, shared a series of emotional tweets thanking the Ravens for the joy they brought him during the season and the bond he forged with his young son while cheering on Lamar Jackson and the team.

“The Ravens brought me so much joy during what has been a difficult year for me,” Charles wrote. “Their inspired play kept my spirits high when I really needed it most, and the bond my son and I forged over LJ and this squad has been something I’ll always cherish.”

Charles, who had predicted a 28-16 Ravens win, also gave credit to the Titans for a game well played and talked about the message he would give his son in the morning.

“This wasn’t how I thought it would end,” Charles said. “Sports can give so much and then take it all just like that.”

Beyond his own reaction the loss, his focus shifted to teaching his son how to handle such a defeat.

“I know the first thing my son will ask when he wakes up is who won,” Charles said. “I’ll tell him we lost. I’ll tell him the Titans played well and we need to tip our hat to them. I’ll tell him we didn’t play well enough to win, but Lamar is still the best player in the league and we will keep supporting our team while they go out and get em next year.


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