Towson women’s lacrosse sophomore midfielder Blair Pearre recently spoke to PressBox about the biggest influence on her game growing up, her best friend on the team and more. The Pikesville, Md., native led the Tigers in goals last year with 14 and was second in draw controls with 20. A graduate of McDonogh School, Pearre won three IAAM A Conference titles during her time with the Eagles.

PressBox: How did you become interested in lacrosse?
Blair Pearre: I started playing at such a young age. I started club when I was in fourth grade, and I played up a year on M&D [Lacrosse Club], and I played on M&D throughout my whole career. I just felt in love with the sport at a young age, and I think that’s what carried me all the way through.

PB: Who was the biggest influence on your game growing up?
BP: Probably Chris Robinson. He’s my stepdad, and he was also my coach throughout my M&D career and also at McDonogh my freshman and sophomore year in high school.

PB: How long have you known Chris and what did he mean to your lacrosse career through high school?
BP: I’ve known Chris since probably 2010. When I started club in fourth grade, he was the coach for [M&D]. I think he helped me in the lacrosse world [because] he’s very patient and he just has so much passion for the game, which just makes it really fun to play for him. All throughout our club, he just taught me so much with offense, with defense and with everything, and I think he’s just a great coach overall. In high school, it was kind of the same. He loves the game, and he helped all over the field. I’m a midfielder, so he knows defense, he knows offense. I just think, again, his patience, and people understand that he can be harsh at some times, which is what we needed, I think.

PB: What’s your favorite memory at McDonogh?
BP: My favorite memory was probably winning the championship my freshman year because I just hadn’t experienced it yet and I think it was such an awesome experience.

PB: What was it like to be part of such a successful program in high school with your stepfather as the coach?
BP: It was super fun, honestly, especially coming home and being able to celebrate the win together. It was just an awesome experience overall, and being on such an amazing team is something that I’ll always remember — because you’re not always on a team like that. It was just super special to me, and I’ll always remember it.

PB: Why did you choose to come to Towson?
BP: I chose to come to Towson because I love the atmosphere, I love the coaches, I love the players, I love that it’s close to home. I’m such a homebody, so I just knew it was the place for me as soon as I stepped on the campus.

PB: What’s your favorite memory so far at Towson?
BP: I really liked the win vs. Ohio State last year. I think that was such a great memory. We came together as a team and played super well. I think it was just a great experience.

PB: What’s your favorite part about playing for Towson?
BP: My favorite thing about Towson is we always fight hard and we always cheer [for] each other on the sideline, on the field. We always have each others’ backs, even off the field. So I just think that’s awesome.

PB: What’s your favorite thing about Towson University and the town itself?
BP: I think Towson is awesome because there’s shopping, there’s places to go. It’s a cool town. You can do anything that you want. The experience is great.

PB: Who’s your best friend on the team and what’s a story that underscores your friendship?
BP: I would say my best friend on the team is probably Shelby Stack. I think we understand each other and we get along super well. We play really well together, and our chemistry just sparked last year. So I think playing with her is awesome. Our friendship is great on the field and off the field.

PB: Who is a player you looked up to when you arrived at Towson?
BP: I think Shelby as well. She really helped me get through my freshman year. We went out for extra reps together. She answered any questions that I had about any plays or anything during practice or during games. I just think she helped guide me through my freshman year, especially in the spring.

PB: What advice would you give to younger players?
BP: Just ask questions and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

PB: What are your goals for after lacrosse?
BP: I want to become a nurse after lacrosse, so I’m trying to get my nursing degree and just go from there.

PB: What did you do last spring as far as lacrosse after the season was canceled?
BP: I was playing wall ball, trying to do as many home exercises as I could because it was definitely hard with the gyms being closed. I was going on runs outside and just doing some YouTube workout videos just to keep myself in shape.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Towson University

Issue 267: February/March 2021

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