Here are my power rankings for Week 18 of the NFL season.

1. Green Bay Packers (13-3 record, No. 2 ranking last week)

Before the season I did a “What’s To Like/What’s Not To Like” about each team. So as we reach the end of the season, I figured I’d revisit the concept. (Plus, you can go back and reread that and see how stupid I am!

What’s To Like: They have the most valuable player in the NFL and home-field advantage through the postseason.
What’s Not To Like: There is a nonzero chance he will be completely unavailable for said postseason games because “muh freedoms” or some stupid sh*t.

2. Los Angeles Rams (12-4, No. 3)

What’s To Like: They have 12 wins and undoubtedly a solid all-around roster.
What’s Not To Like: They just BARELY beat “Tyler Huntley and Kevon Seymour,” though.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12-4, No. 6)

What’s To Like: Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Junior, Esquire
What’s Not To Like: Ummm … have you been on the internet recently?

4. Kansas City Chiefs (11-5, No. 1)

What’s To Like: I mean, they still have Patrick Mahomes, so.
What’s Not To Like: I mean, he still has Jackson Mahomes, so.

5. Buffalo Bills (10-6, No. 7)

What’s To Like: Their defense is allowing 13 yards per game LESS than the second-best defense in the NFL.
What’s Not To Like: Legally speaking, would they recognize you as the Super Bowl champion if you also lost to the Jaguars that season?

6. Cincinnati Bengals (10-6, No. 8)

What’s To Like: Joe Burrow. Ja’Marr Chase. Tee Higgins. Tyler Boyd. Joe Mixon (as a football player). Just to name a few.
What’s Not To Like: Did the Bengals forget what their quarterback’s last name is? I know they’ve been defying the “Bengals gonna Bengal” concept but, like, that’s alarming, no?

7. Tennessee Titans (11-5, No. 9)

What’s To Like: They’ve managed to hold things together all season and they might still get Derrick frickin’ Henry back.
What’s Not To Like: Just when you think you might be able to embrace them, you just know they’re going to do the stupid midfield logo thing again.

8. Dallas Cowboys (11-5, No. 4)

What’s To Like: Dak Prescott is still very good, despite some who are unwilling to recognize it.
What’s Not To Like: The last team the Cowboys beat with a winning record at the time they played them was Week 4 against the 3-0 Carolina Panthers, who are now 5-11.”

9. New England Patriots (10-6, No. 10)

What’s To Like: Mostly that they’re the team that has Bill Belichick as their coach.
What’s Not To Like: Three teams have won Super Bowls with negative point differentials but has even one won with negative drip?

10. Arizona Cardinals (11-5, No. 11)

What’s To Like: Calling fake punt plays that work EXACTLY like you drew them up.
What’s Not To Like: I’m hard pressed to believe the Arizona Cardinals can win a Super Bowl without DeAndre Hopkins. Actually, I probably could have stopped that after “Bowl.”

11. Indianapolis Colts (9-7, No. 5)

What’s To Like: All good. All they have to do is win in Jacksonville and they’re still in the playoffs.
What’s Not To Like: They’re VERY bad at doing that.

12. Los Angeles Chargers (9-7, No. 13)

What’s To Like: They still have Justin Herbert and he just so happens to be stupid good in primetime.
What’s Not To Like: Actual human beings talking about whether the Chargers and Raiders should just agree to a tie if the Colts lose because they’d both get in and more than that, me not ACTUALLY being able to explain why their idea is stupid despite the fact that it definitely is.

13. San Francisco 49ers (9-7, No. 14)

What’s To Like: Trey Lance seems pretty good!
What’s Not To Like: (
Against the Texans)

14. Philadelphia Eagles (9-7, No. 15)

What’s To Like: You have to tip your cap at how they’ve managed to turn things around this season.
What’s Not To Like: But if you did that in Philadelphia, they’d probably take it from you and hit you over the head with it a couple hundred times.

15. Las Vegas Raiders (9-7, No. 16)

What’s To Like: I have absolutely no idea how, but they’ve gotten themselves to a “win and you’re in” Week 18 scenario.
What’s Not To Like: I mean, is it really going to matter if they’re in?

16. Miami Dolphins (8-8, No. 12)

What’s To Like: Well … at least they’re no longer distracted by football and they can get back to talking about Deshaun Watson now.
What’s Not To Like: They’re going to get back to talking about Deshaun Watson now.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers (8-7-1, No. 18)

What’s To Like: On top of everything else, T.J. Watt could break the single-season sack record going up against (gulp) Alejandro Villanueva next week.
What’s Not To Like: 2.7 yards per pass. Is he SURE he doesn’t want to play another year???

18. Baltimore Ravens (8-8, No. 17)

What’s To Like: They still have a chance of reaching the playoffs.
What’s Not To Like: Perhaps just as good as Lloyd Christmas’ chances with Mary Samsonite.

19. New Orleans Saints (8-8, No. 20)

What’s To Like: You probably don’t know this, but they won a football game yesterday!
What’s Not To Like: They’re actually not eliminated from the playoffs, you guys. We might have to watch Taysom Hill (or anyone else employed by the Saints) play quarterback again.

20. Minnesota Vikings (7-9, No. 19)

What’s To Like: They appear to have tight end solved long term!
What’s Not To Like: My God how bad must Kellen Mond be?

21. Cleveland Browns (7-9, No. 21)

What’s To Like: If someone wanted to trade for Tyler Huntley, I guess you could do worse than Baker Mayfield as your backup quarterback?
What’s Not To Like: Would he still get to do the commercials? I’ve never hated the commercials.

22. Atlanta Falcons (7-9, No. 22)

What’s To Like: I believe Chris Berman would say “Kyle ‘Not The’ Pitts.”
What’s Not To Like: They need to rebuild but their best players (Matt Ryan, Cordarrelle Patterson) aren’t really great trade assets and it’s unlikely they can do enough to make another run without it. But other than that, they’re great.

23. Denver Broncos (7-9, No. 23)

What’s To Like: It’s not like they don’t have pieces and a great history. They should be able to hire a real coach.
What’s Not To Like: It won’t matter without a real quarterback.

24. Chicago Bears (6-10, No. 25)

What’s To Like: They’re … better than the Giants.
What’s Not To Like: So is basically everyone else.

25. Seattle Seahawks (6-10, No. 27)

What’s To Like: It was a hell of a run.
What’s Not To Like: I’m not sure they can fix all of it in one offseason.

26. Washington Football Team (6-10, No. 26)

What’s To Like: Miraculously, they don’t appear to have actually killed anyone who attended a game this year.
What’s Not To Like: It’s not like they haven’t tried.

27. Houston Texans (4-12, No. 24)

What’s To Like: For the most part, Davis Mills.
What’s Not To Like: They’re the Houston Texans.

28. Carolina Panthers (5-11, No. 28)

What’s To Like: They should probably get another few games of Christian McCaffrey again next year.
What’s Not To Like: How long ya got?

29. New York Jets (4-12, No. 29)

What’s To Like: At the moment they’re the most stable football team in New Jersey.
What’s Not To Like: That is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the nicest thing that’s been said about them in recent history.

30. New York Giants (4-12, No. 30)

What’s To Like: If you’re doing a stage version of “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington,” Joe Judge might be capable of recreating the filibuster.
What’s Not To Like: He says that former players wish they were still there. Holy hell. Where must those players have signed? Marjorie Taylor Greene’s social media office?

31. Detroit Lions (2-13-1, No. 31)

What’s To Like: It’ll be over soon.
What’s Not To Like: It’ll start again in the fall.

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (2-14, No. 32)

What’s To Like: No one in Florida really noticed because they were too busy spending COVID relief money on Lamborghinis and Rolexes.
What’s Not To Like: The Ravens’ playoff hopes could come down to them.

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